Welcome to Lemonmade Style and Snips

I’m John Haagenson, a local resident, born and raised in the OPRF area. I’m raising my three kids here and some of you may know me already as a realtor for Better Homes & Gardens Gloor Realty. I’m really proud of what we’ve created here at Lemonmade Style & Snips. I’ve always wanted to give back to this community, my home. We’re not just a family salon, we are truly a family. My team includes my own Mom, Jer who works the front desk when she’s in town, and my sister Jill who runs our branding and marketing to my lifelong friend Lissa Druss Christman who’s our PR guru. Chadwick is now part of our family and so too goes for the rest of our phenomenal staff and stylists. I’m so happy to have them all on board.

I started Lemonmade because I know first hand the challenges of taking your children for a haircut. It occurred to me that it didn’t have to be such a daunting experience. Lemonmade is designed

differently than the other kids salons, refreshingly different. We’re focused on servicing the whole family, cuts and styles not just for kids but for Mom and Dad too. Most importantly, I wanted to create an environment that felt like walking into a friend’s home; classic, relaxed and comfortable. We are bright and sunny even when it rains!

Why are we called Lemonmade? Lemon is my childhood nickname. In the summer my hair I’d become a toe-head, and for some reason the name has stuck with me for all these years. I’m even uncle Lemon to my friend’s kids! I’m proud to grow Lemonmade in this great community and look forward to serving you.

You can call me Lemon too!

—John Haagenson